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Background Directories are basically the list of institutions, companies, firms, etc., of the government, corporate and private organizations. Directories serve to find the information on various aspects of organizations such as name and address, programmes and activities, courses, faculty, lab and library facilities, etc. These sources play a very vital role in providing the various sorts of information on institutions and teachers to the students and researchers, scientists and technocrats, administrators and policy makers and even to a general info seeker both in and outside the country. The Internet and web technologies has changed the way people communicate, interact, acquire, share knowledge, search, investigate and participate in the creation and re-use of the information. It is also an undisputed fact that ICT has brought new dimensions and opportunities in the process of information access and acquiring, consolidation and communication, storing and retrieving, downloading and distributing the value added information throughout the world. Through using the web technologies one can easily designed and developed such online info tool in order to provide the reliable, up-to-date, authentic and comprehensive information on the various aspects of aerospace/aeronautical teaching and teachers in India. The journey of the aerospace engineering education in India started form the premier educational institutions such as Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology Kharaghpur (IIT-Kgh), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-M), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M), Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), Chennai and Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh (now known as PEC University of Technology). During the last couple of years there is an exponential growth of the aerospace engineering teaching institutions in the country. Through this study, it is revealed that more than Eighty teaching departments/institutions are imparting the aero engineering teaching at various levels such as B.Tech, M.Tech, MS (Dual Degree) and Ph.D in India. The majority of the courses in aero engineering are runs through the colleges which are affiliated to the state/private universities. The surprising fact, find from the study is that cities like Chennai, Coimbatore of Tamilnadu state are the focal hub/focal point of the aero engineering teaching in the County followed by Bangalore and Hyderabad. Why this initiative? Realizing the importance of the quality databases of educational institutions and academicians, which are not only demanded by their own organization/institution for their internal evaluation/assessment of their faculty performance but also by the outside organizations for engaging them in various academic and research assignments. Such endiveour also gives an account to the users on a survey of the available infrastructural facilities in this highly specialized and demanding filed of Aerospace Engineering teaching and teachers in the country for critical assessment of their facilities and faculties. In addition to, it is also an effort by the funding agency namely Aeronautics Research and Development Board (AR&DB), DRDO to have a R&D collaboration with the University of Delhi to design and develop a national resource facility of aerospace engineering educational institutions and academicians in India for the benefits of aerospace engineering communities and other interested groups. How it was completed? The project was started in the mid of 2008 had priori knowledge that only a handful institutions such as IISc, IITs, MIT, PEC are the institutions in the country which are responsible for imparting the education in the field of aerospace/ aeronautical engineering. But it is surprising that nearly more than hundred department/ institutions are actively involved in the teaching of aerospace engineering in the India. As the project purely based on a survey, hence the data was collected from the identified institutions through distributing ‘Data Capturing Form’ (specially designed for this purpose having the all fields necessary for developing the online directory) by posts/e-mails/telephones or even fax. To collect the data for any study/project is always a challenging job for an investigator/researcher due to the passive/indifferent participation of the respondents, it is quite obvious as the academicians are busy in their academic and research affairs. The present product is an outcome of more than thousands mails, more than double of reminders and nearly twenty visits by the PI and Research Associate throughout the country. How to Navigate? The directory /product can be easily accessed through Internet on from any where, any time and by anybody or from the DRDO home . The information on the aerospace engineering educational department/institutions are arranged by their names in an alphabetical order under their respective states they belong. In case of the teachers/academicians information can also be retrieved in the same way as in case of institutions. For making the product more effective a user can search the information though institute, courses, faculty and even through advanced search as display on the home page of the directory Use and Utility The directory will certainly fulfills/serves the following need of an information seeker who had interests in the field of aerospace engineering in following ways: To serve as a vital statistical information on the various educational programmes of Aerospace Engineering in India such as contact information, programmes available, mode and procedure of admission, brief account of faculties and facilities, etc; To act as an effective tool to assess/evaluate the performance of a teacher individually and collectively required for various purposes on the basis of their academic and research productivity; To make as an standard and up-to-date Aerospace Engineering Teachers’ expert database requires not only by their own organization but also by the other national academic and research bodies such UGC, AICTE, DST, DRDO, CSIR, AR&DB, ISRO, ADA, etc, to involves them (academicians) in academic and research activities; An online interface to researchers to find/select their research guide according to his/her areas of interest; An information reservoir to further develop an ‘Intellectual Think Tank’ of the great academicians/scientists for the academic and research assignments of national importance; and finally To serve as a ready-reckoner tool for finding filtered information on aerospace engineering teaching institutions and teachers in India. What it contains? The online directory provide various sorts of information at one stop on the aerospace engineering teaching departments/institutions and their from a highly specialized user to a general user to access, search and download tailor made/filtered information on the teaching programmes and teachers of aerospace engineering in the India. It also literates to the information seeker on the various information segments such as courses and duration of the programmmes, contact information, mode/criteria and eligibility of admission, facilities and faculty, etc. The another link of the website namely Teachers, is an a interesting hot spot to know the academic, research and professional commitments/assignments of a aerospace engineering teachers such as address and contact information, areas of specialization/interests, research guidance, publications, participations in professional events, works experiences and associations with learned bodies, project handled, etc,. In addition to information, the website also links the rich/content based useful links of the aerospace engineering resources available on the public domain which can be very useful and valuable to the aerospace teaching communities. The directory portal also has feedback option for further research and refinement. Acknowledgements No work is ever the product of only its authors or researchers or PI, rather, it grows out a mass of influences, professional and personal, written and unwritten ideas and actions. Many people have important for me in the innovative initiatives and this is my opportunity to express and show my appreciation and gratitude officially and publicly to them. First of all my greatest thanks is due to the funding agency namely Aeronautic Research & Development Board (AR&DB), DRDO, MoD, Govt. of India, New Delhi for providing the fund for this major research project and making us able to complete it in time. My immense thanks to Dr. AK Singh, Coordinator and Director, Human Resource Development (HRD), DRDO, Ministry of Defence and Dr. AL Moorty the then Coordinator of Aero Info Panel and the Director of Defence Scientific and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), DRDO, New Delhi for his personal interest in this project and providing us all rounds of professional and personal inputs and Gp Cap Krishan Kumar, Member Secretary of Aero Resource Panel, Directorate of Aeronautics/DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India for their contribution has been invaluable to us and without his active cooperation this project could not be completed. Secondly any research project which is based on survey research could not be completed without the positive responses of the respondents. On this point, I wholeheartedly express my sincere thanks to all the department/institutions and faculties/academicians who enthusiastically participated in this project. For me they are truly the real heroes of this venture/project and it is also true that the future of this project will depend on them for making this directory/output more vibrant, informative, effective and up-to-date aero info tool. (Dr. KP Singh) Principal Investigator & Senior Assistant Professor Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi , Delhi-110 007 91-98180 57510; 011-2766 6656