• The Directoy

    India's first professionally
    designed and developed login based
    and searchable national inventory of
    aerospace scientists and technocrats conceive
    and devised by Dr. KP Singh, University of Delhi....

  • Our Great Scientist

    We are proud to have the world class technocrats like Satish Dhawan, Vikram Sarabhai, APJ Abdul Kalam, G Madhavan Nair, K Kasturiranjan, K Radhakrishan, Madhav Gadgil etc. for making our country self reliant in space, aero and missile technologies

  • Tradtion to modern Technology

    We are proud to have bullcart as a means of
    transpotation to technology based transpotations.

  • Indigenous Technology

    Our country is in the elite club of having
    the indigenous technology like cryogenic
    engine and Kaveri for developing
    the supersonic missiles and launching pads..

  • Launching Technology

    Our Proud Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR
    at Sriharikota is one of the
    best-known names among the
    Spaceports of the World today...

  • Missile Technology

    Country self reliant technologies
    and giant warriors of our national security
    and pride of our country- Bramosh, Agni,
    Thrusul, Nag, Prithivi ...

  • Aircraft Technology

    Tejas, India's very own Light Combat Aircraft
    has achieved an important milestone
    by gaining Initial Operational Clearance (IOC).

  • Our Lab

    The Aerospace Department of IISc of Bangalore
    is the mother of education in aerospace engineering
    in the country and the HAL, NAL, ADA, ISRO and DRDO
    are the fore front organization in developing
    aerospace technologies in the country...

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The Aerospace Engineering Science and Technology (AEST) is the most significant technological influence of our time which empowers our nation with strength, not only for its economic development, but also play a very critical role in our national security and international relations. Today's a large number of major aero engineering programmes are progressing in the country through the well organized and multi institutional linkages of national organization such as the DRDO, ISRO, HAL, ADE, CSIR labs, Brahmos, Air Force Centres and other academic institutions in the country. Need was arises since a long time to design and develop Web Enabled Directory of the Aerospace Scientists and Technocrats in India. In collaborations with Aeronautics Research and Development Board (AR&DB)/ DRDO and University of Delhi under the principal investigation of Dr. KP Singh, the login based directory has been designed and developed in order to serve as single window to find every bit of bio info pertaining to each and every working and retired aerospace scientists and technocrats in the country and make them accessible by 24x7……. Dr. KP Singh

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